Shooting images of the River Valley. Photo by J Linn Photography

Shooting the River Valley. Photo by Jennifer Linford

Growing up, I had a teacher describe me as medium-core. I was never a full out troublemaker, but I wasn’t the quiet kid either —  I was just out there enough to be annoying.

I still try to straddle that boundary today in my professional and student life. I strive to dig up stories that don’t usually get told, I write bold, provacatory commentary, and insightful news pieces.

In my current life, I’m the online editor at the griff student newspaper in Edmonton, Alberta. I focus on using good SEO practices, editing content for the web, and placing content in user-friendly ways. I’m also learning how to use web crawlers to find and collect data, how to create interactive elements on the page as well as working with small, repeating video elements to enhance images on the page.

For multimedia, I currently edit and produce a weekly opinions podcast called The Griffcast, as well as film, edit and produce occasional videos for the site. I’m also a freelance writer with pieces published in Maclean’s (coming soon), the Spruce Grove Examiner/ Stony Plain Reporter and Vue Weekly.

My main writing interests are science (mostly medicine), beer, music and op ed. I also write satire here and there for a friend’s blog.

Outside of my professional life, I try and stay active by biking year-round, swimming, and playing bike polo as well as squash. If that isn’t enough, I’m also a musician, playing guitar, harmonica and occasional vocals in a garage band.


Please note: opinions expressed on this blog do not reflect those of my employers.

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